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Our national language is derived from Late West Saxon.

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Our Principles

First and foremost, the Angle-Saxish Kingdom calls for a confessional Christian state. We believe that the civil magistrate has a duty to uphold both tables of the law of God and also to establish and defend the church. While church and state, having unique mandates from God, are to remain distinct entities, they are equally ministers of the Lord, working together in harmony to the same end of glorifying Him.

Secondly, the Angle-Saxish Kingdom believes in the importance of culture, traditional values, and patriotism. We are united in our interest in ancient British heritage prior to the Norman conquest. Specifically, we consider ourselves to be the cultural descendants of the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Danish, and Norse-Gaelic settlers in the Early Middle Ages. We have also launched an effort to revive Late West Saxon, the standard written form of Old English, with influence from German and other modern Germanic languages.

The Angle-Saxish Kingdom is a constituent country of the Saxish Empire.

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