Saxland is divided into nine earldoms and two duchies, and each of these into shires, which in the British Isles are the same as the historic counties. Most of the area of these administrative divisions lies outside of Angle-Saxish territorial claims. The territories of the earls of Wales and Mercians are actually enclaves surrounded by North Scotland.

British Regions

Bryttische Landschiepes

Coat of arms of North Scotland

Earldom of North Scotland

Erlduum Norðskotland

Councillor: Josias, Earl of North Scots

Norðskotte Erl

Total area: 13 sq ft


  • Jeltland
  • Orkeneie
  • Sauðerland
  • Kaðenass
  • Krumbeðynschaier
  • Rosschaier
  • Invernesschaier
  • Narranschaier
  • Morefschaier
  • Banfschaier
  • Aberdonschaier
  • Arregaðel
  • Perþschaier
  • Anagus
  • Kinkardinschaier
  • Klachmannanschaier
  • Kinrosschaier
  • Fif
  • Butschaier
Territories within North Scotland

North Scottish Kolumbenvyrð

Norðskyttisch Kolumbenvyrð

Lord: Josias of Glencoe | Loverd Glenkowes

Area: 1 sq ft

Royal Kolumbenvyrð

Kyneliçh Kolumbenvyrð

Lord: Johannes of Glencoe | Loverd Glenkowes

Area: 1 sq ft


Lord: Johannes of Lochaber | Loverd Lochaberes

Area: 10 sq ft

South Islay


Area: 1 sq ft

Earldom of Cumbria

Erlduum Kumbre

Councillor: Vacant


  • Levenax
  • Strievelinschaier
  • Renfreuwschaier
  • Aierschaier
  • Lanerkschaier
  • Wiggentaunschaier
  • Çhyrçhkauðberchtschaier
  • Dumfriesschaier
  • Kumbreland
  • Westmuringeland

Earldom of Northumbria

Erlduum Norðhymbre

Councillor: Vacant


  • Westloðen
  • Midloðen
  • Äästloðen
  • Peblesschaier
  • Berewaiçhschaier
  • Seleçhyrçhschaier
  • Rukesbyrijschaier
  • Norðhymbreland
  • Daunholmschaier
  • Everwaiçhschaier
  • Luunçhastreschaier

Earldom of Wales

Erlduum Wäles

Councillor: Paula, Countess of Wales

Wäle Jerieven

Total area: 1 sq ft


  • Anglesei
  • Karnarvonschaier
  • Denbischaier
  • Vlintschaier
  • Merioneð
  • Muntgumnischaier
  • Kardiganschaier
  • Radenoreschaier
  • Pembrokschaier
  • Karmarðenschaier
  • Brekenschaier
  • Glamorgan
  • Monmauðschaier

Welsh Kolumbenvyrð

Woylisch Kolumbenvyrð

Lady: Paula of Glencoe | Lääfdije Glenkowes

Area: 1 sq ft

Earldom of Mercia

Erlduum Myrçhe

Councillor: Willelm, Earl of Mercians

Myrçhne Erl

Total area: 1,057 sq ft


  • Çhasterschaier
  • Dierboyschaier
  • Snottingehoomschaier
  • Lindkolnschaier
  • Schrobbesbyrijschaier
  • Stafvordschaier
  • Liereçhastreschaier
  • Ruteland
  • Herevordschaier
  • Wiereçhastreschaier
  • Wäringschaier
  • Norðhoomtaunschaier
  • Gleuwçhastreschaier
  • Oxnevordschaier
  • Buckingehamschaier
Territories within Mercia

Klaikrauçh, Dierboyschaier

Councillor: Prince Kynehard, Hold of Klaikrauçh

Aðeling Kynehard, Hold Klaikrauçhes

Area: 1,056 sq ft


Area: Not formalized

Granthoom, Lindkolnschaier

Area: Not formalized

Kolestreworð, Lindkolnschaier

Area: Not formalized


Mercian Kolumbenvyrð

Myrçhisch Kolumbenvyrð

Lord: Willelm of Glencoe | Loverd Glenkowes

Area: 1 sq ft

Earldom of East Anglia

Erlduum Äästengle

Councillor: Vacant


  • Bedenvordschaier
  • Huntendaunschaier
  • Grantebrycgschaier
  • Norðvolk
  • Sauðvolk

Earldom of Greater Essex

Erlduum Gräätäästsaxe

Councillor: Vacant


  • Hertvordschaier
  • Middelsaxe
  • Äästsaxe

Earldom of Wessex

Erlduum Westsaxe

Councillor: Vacant


  • Kornwäles
  • Devneschaier
  • Sumersäte
  • Dorsäte
  • Wiltaunschaier
  • Barrekschaier
  • Hoomtaunschaier

Earldom of Kent-Andred’s Weald

Erlduum Kent-Andredeswald

Councillor: Vacant


  • Sauðrije
  • Sauðsaxe
  • Kent

Overseas Regions


Duchy of South Hatteras

Heretochduum Sauðhatteras

Councillor: Kristien, Duke of South Hatteras

Heretoge Sauðhatteras

Duchy of Franconia

Heretochduum Vranken

Councillor: Lara, Duchess of Franks

Vrankene Heretogen

Total area: 1 sq ft


  • Baiererodschaier
Territories within Franconia

Mycgðorp, Baiererodschaier

Area: Not formalized


Frankish Kolumbenvyrð

Vrençhisch Kolumbenvyrð

Lady: Lara of Glencoe | Lääfdije Glenkowes

Area: 1 sq ft