The Saxish Empire (Saxisch Koserduum) is a confederation of two constituent countries under the terms of the Treaty of Union 2019 (amended in 2021), which guarantees a Protestant succession, official recognition of Christianity, free trade and movement, a standard currency and system of weights and measures, a customs union, and joint foreign affairs.

The Imperial Diet (Raiçhesdai) is the deliberative body of the Empire in which each constituent country is represented by its respective head of state. It is presided over by His Imperial Majesty Augustinus, Emperor of Saxons.

Star Kingdom

HIM Augustinus, Emperor of Saxons

Angle-Saxish Kingdom

HM Johannes Karl, Arch-steward


The imperial coat of arms is based on an initially more Americentric design from the former Holy Empire of New Israel, with some elements amended. The lion wielding an axe is now taken from the arms of King Cnut, who ruled an 11th century Anglo-Scandinavian empire, while the eagle represents the Teutonic lands of the Holy Roman Empire. The thirteen stars are the thirteen original American colonies, and the chi-rho and Star of David invoke the Empire’s Judeo-Christian heritage.