Reformed Christianity is established by law in the Angle-Saxish Kingdom, but no organized church exists yet in practice. The Constitution states that “the true Protestant Christian religion, as it is contained in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, and no other, shall be held forth and asserted for the public profession of this nation…” Moreover, the subordinate standard for which provision is made is confirmed as the 1646 Westminster Confession and accompanying Catechisms in the 4 Johannes Doombook, which also settles Presbyterian church government.

King Johannes Karl proposes that a Service Book of the Angle-Saxish Church (Ðienungbuuk ðer Angelsaxischen Çhyrçhen) collate Richard Baxter’s Reformed Liturgy with the ecumenical creeds and confessional documents, and Cranmer’s collects and prayers for various occasions from Charles Woodruff Shields’ revised Book of Common Prayer.