House of Andreassuun

Haus Andreassuun

His Royal Highness Prince Kynehard Andreassuun, King Father, Hold of Klaikrauçh

His Kyneliçhe Hänes Aðeling Kynehard Andreassuun, Kyngvader, Hold Klaikrauçhes

Her Royal Highness Princess Guenevera Andreassuun, Queen Mother, Hold of Klaikrauçh

Hier Kyneliçhe Hänes Aðelingen Guenevera Andreassuun, Kwienmuder, Holden Klaikrauçhes

👑 His Majesty Johannes Karl Andreassuun, King of Angle-Saxons, Lord of Glencoe and Lochaber

His Kyneschiep Johannes Karl Andreassuun, Angelsaxne Kyng, Loverd Glenkowes and Lochaberes

Foreign honours

Austenasia: Knight of the Order of Saint Constantine

New Banneux: Knight of the Equestrian Order of Our Lady, Queen of Nations (OOL)

Austenasia: Member of the Austenasian Order (MAO)

House of Vyðerstoon of Wales

Haus Vyðerstoon of Wälem

Her Highness Paula Yrika Vyðerstoon, Princess Royal, Countess of Wales, Lady of Glencoe

Hier Hänes Paula Yrika Vyðerstoon, Kyneliçhe Aðelingen, Wäle Jerieven, Lääfdije Glenkowes

House of Niuwtaun of South Hatteras

Haus Niuwtaun of Sauðhatteras

His Grace Field Marshal Kristien Javan Niuwtaun, Duke of South Hatteras

His Hyld Veldstaller Kristien Javan Niuwtaun, Heretoge Sauðhatteras

House of Knicht of North Scotland

Haus Knicht of Norðskotlande

The Right Honourable Josias Jakobus Knicht, Earl of North Scots, Lord of Glencoe

Se Richte Oorwerðe Josias Jakobus Knicht, Norðskotte Erl, Loverd Glenkowes

House of Maþeus of Mercia

Haus Maþeus of Myrçhem

The Right Honourable Willelm Petrus Maþeus, Earl of Mercians, Lord of Glencoe

Se Richte Oorwerðe Willelm Petrus Maþeus, Myrçhne Erl, Loverd Glenkowes

The Right Honourable Rosmarine Evangeline Maþeus, Countess of Mercians

Ðe Richte Oorwerðe Rosmarine Evangeline Maþeus, Myrçhne Jerieven


The Right Honourable Isaak Petrus Maþeus, Burgrave Maþeus

Se Richte Oorwerðe Isaak Petrus Maþeus, Burchjerieve Maþeus

House of Ðistelware of Franconia

Haus Ðistelware of Vrankem

Her Grace Lara Ðistelware, Duchess of Franks, Lady of Glencoe

Hier Hyld Lara Ðistelware, Vrankene Heretogen, Lääfdije Glenkowes