About the ASK

The Angle-Saxish Kingdom, also known as Angle-Saxony or the ASK, is a country with territories in the western Highlands of the British Isles and and the eastern coast of North America. Because of the small area the state occupies and its limited sovereignty and recognition, it is known as a micronation.  

Early history

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Germanic peoples first arrived on the island of Great Britain in A.D. 449 when they were invited by the British King Vortigern to aid in his campaign against the Picts. The Jutes and Angles came from the Jutland Peninsula to settle in central and northern areas, which would become the Kingdoms of Kent, East Anglia, Mercia, and Northumbria, while the Saxons came from the northwest of modern Germany to settle in southern areas, namely the Kingdoms of Essex, Sussex, and Wessex.  

It was not until Alfred the Great’s capture of London in 886 that he began to style himself Rex Angulsaxonum (“King of Anglo-Saxons”). The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms were finally unified by his grandson Athelstan, who was elected king of Wessex and Mercia in 924, annexed the Kingdom of York in 927, and routed the coalition of Scots, Cumbrians, and Olaf, King of Northumbria and Dublin, at the Battle of Brunanburh in 937.  

Although the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms remained separate, one ruler was acknowledged as Bretwalda, or overlord. St Oswald of Northumbria, for example, was called totius Britanniae imperator (“emperor of all Britain”) by the Irish abbot Adamnan. 

Creation of the ASK

Initially taking the regnal name Penda, the self-styled king Johannes declared the foundation of the Kingdom of West Germania on 10th June 2010. He intended it as a modern successor state to pre-Norman England which would draw inspiration from its Anglo-Scandinavian cultural heritage. In April 2011, after Johannes converted to Christianity, the establishment of a godly state became an overriding ambition in response to increasing secularization and cultural degeneration in western democracies. Despite abdicating in 2015 and seeking someone else to reign, a referendum in December 2017 legitimized his reign as elected King of Angle-Saxons, thus restoring the ancient title. In the following months, he drafted a new constitution based heavily on the 1653 English Instrument of Government and the 1641 Massachusetts Body of Liberties. The resulting document was finally ratified in 2019 and in the same year, the first formal territory was acquired. 

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