Ðas Kyninges Ärendjerit | The King’s Report 27.6.2020

Henceforth, a new King’s Report shall be published every weekend. Regardless of how much or how little news there is, the Report will keep people informed of affairs across the Angle-Saxish Kingdom and will set objectives for the week ahead.

General matters
The Colony of Langhoom has experienced a heatwave this week and may have matched even South Hatteras with highs of 86°.

Website development
Website development has been neglected for a long time. Some progress has been made in the last week, but by next week, we aim to have completed the About Us, Government, and Symbols pages. These may of course be expanded further in coming months.

A coat of arms for South Hatteras
A coat of arms ought to be commissioned for South Hatteras as soon as possible. It will first be necessary to arrive at a concept, which ultimately should meet the approval of the Duke. It is my suggestion that it have a maritime theme: vert (that is, green, as previously chosen for a Njordland flag and now associated with Vinland), the base barry wavy argent and azure, a lymphad Or, sails furled, oars in action. I welcome any different ideas from the Duke.

Economic policy for the Conservative Party
Although it is not feasible to operate a full-scale economy in a micronation, I am enthusiastic as Chairman of the Conservative and Christian Democratic Party to develop the same as a think-tank of sorts. Especially with the rise of cultural Marxism, it is imperative that we be able to give a robust defence of traditional conservatism, which includes recovering economics as a moral philosophy. I am presently reading Graeme Leach’s case for capitalism from a biblical perspective and welcome parliamentarians to do likewise.

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