New government enacts key legislation

New laws were enacted by the King on Monday following approval by the Privy Council and passage through both the Folkmoot and the Assembly of Councillors. The motion put before Parliament was to ratify an amended Constitution, the 4 Johannes Doombook, and “all heretofore unratified decrees contained in the draft copy of the Official Gazette of June 2021”. The sole deputy and four out of five councillors, including the Chancellor, voted in favour, while none voted against.

The latest move follows years of political limbo and ambiguity without a functioning government until an unopposed ballot on 2nd June saw Kristien Fras elected as Deputy for the Several Lands of the Crown.

In other developments, the Angle-Saxish Kingdom has been accepted as a provisional member of the Commonwealth of Sovereignties (ComSov), an inter-micronational organization in which ally Nichensburg also holds membership. It is hoped that it will be welcoming to conservative micronations and will provide opportunities for diplomacy.

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